Donate school supplies: Household items

There are lots of things that Castle School always needs, including many common household items. Please have a look around your home, talk to your family and friends, and see if you can help by donating any of these items - we are very grateful for all donations.

If you can help, please drop your items off at Castle School reception, clearly labelled 'Donation - for attention of Ruth Gale'.

Magazines (eg fashion, nature)

Broadsheet newspapers

Men’s shirts (size M/L) to use as painting overalls

Coffee filters (individual or family sized, any brand)

Plant pots (10cm diameter or larger, any colour or brand)

Cocktail sticks

Kettle (any brand)

Bulldog clips

Mini jam jars

Plasticine (unused, any colour and brand)

Lego blocks

Lego sets (complete with instructions if possible, but not essential)