Donate school supplies: Student equipment

We’re big believers in reusing and recycling things - we don’t want to buy new when we don’t need to. And so we’re asking for your help – there are things that Castle School always need, and we suspect that there might be plenty of them out there already in our local community!

If you can help with any of the items below, please drop them off at Castle School reception in a bag clearly labelled 'Donation - for attention of Ruth Gale'. We're incredibly grateful for all your donations - they really do make a difference to the school.

HB pencils

2B pencils

Plain pencil sharpeners


30cm rulers


Plain erasers

Calculators (scientific or normal, any brand, battery or solar)

DT craft aprons

Safety goggles

A4 card ring file dividers

Art supplies – watercolours, paper, brushes

School uniform